Цитаты из игры «Dota 2»

Цитаты из игры - Dota 2Известные цитаты и фразы из игры «Dota 2»:

We won! We won! Ha ha ha! Yes! What did we win? What? Clarify.

First blood! I cut you, and I split you, and I killed you! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Treant Protector There’s… A giant… Tree-person… Right next to me. Stay calm. Ha ha ha ha. Just stay calm.

Lina I was never really interested in fire, I don’t know why.

No escape! No escape! They they’re gonna find me! They get me I’m telling you I know it they cz vz mm!

The forest ain’t safe!

Play Axe An axe to grind. Oh good! Ye-good good good we’ll need that!

Play You’re with the trees aren’t you?

Play Chaos Knight Phantom Lancer Meepo Not so tough without your friends, are you?

Play You know I’m really not a fan of that dying thing. No, it’s not for me.

Play Dark Seer Ah, Dark Seer. Finally someone who appreciates a wall without padding.

Play Wait till they get a load of me.

Play Enigma I’m under enough pressure without your help, Enigma.

Play Trees? What do you mean there’s trees out there?

Play Hey don’t tell me to calm down. I am calm!

Play Treant Protector Nature’s Prophet Trees do have a way of dying around me!

Play I cut things. It’s what I do. What else would I do?

Play They won’t know what cut ’em!

Play I only need a clipping!

Play Stay back!

Play I’ll cut ’em all down.

Play Revving up!

Play I’m not a lumberjack, and no, I’m not okay. I thank you.

Play Pudge Wood carving, meat carving. Same thing, right Pudge?

Play I’m Rizzrack. Don’t touch me.

Play Oh! Oh! Oh-oh-you see this? You see? Oh this is what I’ve always wanted! Oh I’m so happy!

Play Invoker So much for your delusions of grandeur.

Play Nature’s Prophet You make tree-people. Okay Prophet, I don’t think we can be friends.

Play Looking sharp. Crazy sharp.

Play Nature’s Prophet Oh don’t die yet. I’m not finished with you.

Play It’s great to be back. Well that’s what I tell people anyway.

Play Nature’s Prophet Your friends are next, Prophet!

Play I’m warning you!

Play Phantom Lancer So how do you keep track of all those personalities?

Play I’m not a lumberjack. This. This is personal.

Play Queen of Pain Naga Siren Not listening. Not listening. Not listening.

Play I’ll get you!

Play Sawblades still not sharp enough!

Play I tell you you wouldn’t believe where I’ve been you know. No one ever does.

Play They can try to stop me. They can try!

Play I have never wanted anything else.

Play Treant Protector If you fall in the woods, and I laugh, will anyone hear me?

Play I am completely sane!

Play Treant Protector There’s… A giant… Tree-person… Next to me. Ha ha. Stay calm. Hi there. Stay calm!

Play Ha ha! Chop chop!

Play Trees? Why did it have to be trees?

Play Enchantress Why are you so perky, Enchantress? Can’t you see what’s happening?

Play Yeah I’m gonna cut you!

Play Cut cut cut!

Play You’re selling me this? And they call me crazy?

Play Batrider Some slash and burn, Batrider?

Someone once told me I needed to face fear to get over it, and I thought why not take a step further and cut my fear into little pieces then set my fear on fire then throw the hot ash of my fear into a lake and then poison the lake. Simple!

Oh no. Back here again?

This! This is what I have always wanted! Always!

Never know! You just never, never know.

Treant Protector Oh you gave me a splinter!

Hey that is a crazy bargain.

Trees? Well nobody said anything about trees.

Chop chop chop chop chop chop chop!

Фразы героев и цитаты из «Дота 2», многопользовательская стратегия, в которой одна команда играет за светлую сторону, а другая — за тёмную.